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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  September 26, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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a drive-by shooting on chicago's west side have slept a teenage boy in critical condition. the boy's mother was also wounded in that attack. good afternoon i am robert jordan in for steve sanders. >>and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's julian crews has the latest from mount sinai hospital on the victims and the investigation ... the cook county medical examiner reports that the 15 year-old victim is not expected to survive after taking a bullet
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to his head yesterday afternoon on a west side of chicago authorities report he is on life support here at mount sinai hospital for police said the gunman and a car and fire on a crowded sidewalk on the 700 block of north springfield avenue and east garfield park neighborhood ... there's only a vague description on the car it's described as an older model cream colored vehicle police do not know who the intended target was there were a number of people standing nearby and there are bullet holes sprayed across the front of the family home with witnesses say that the boy and his mother were standing on their front stoop when the gunman drove by the mother was in the arm with non life- threatening antony's but the prognosis for a son is not looking good. neighbors hope that the police will beef up patrols in the area >>the police should pay more attention to this situation
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happening in the neighborhood this man tells us and they should try to get in here and exert more control. >>the young victim was in 10th grade at marshall high school on the west side and an indication of just how badly wounded he is the grief counselors have already been summoned to the school to help his friends ... >>there is no description of the suspect and no word of anybody in custody at mount sinai hospital julian crews wgn news ... >>chicago police had issued a community alert after man tried to sexually assault the woman and the city's andersonville never had happened on the 1500 block of west carmen around for 30 yesterday morning police say that a man grabbed the woman beat her and then try to sexually assault her he is described as white hispanic in his 30's about five and half feet tall 175 lbs., with brown eyes black hair and a light beard and mustache he was wearing a dark blue jean gym
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shoes and a white sports team type jacket he also had a 10 messenger back with a single shoulder strap. police in evanston have also issued a community alert after the northwestern university student was attacked near campus. that male student was walking near orrington and simpson just after midnight yesterday when two men came up behind him ... when the students said that he did not have his wallet the other man hit him on the head with a pistol the two men ran to a car and drove off the student was not seriously hurt and was able to give police a description of those attackers. new surveillance photos should help chicago police on a car believed to be involved in a fatal hit and run in the uptown neighborhood over the weekend 43 year-old beverly akerson was killed while crossing the street and the 4700 block of north sheridan road happened just after 1 saturday morning
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the car's driver reportedly backed up and hit her again before fleeing police released a photo of the vehicle that they believe was involved witnesses describe it as a light colored four-door sedan police say it will likely have front and damage >>the family of a seven year-old boy with asthma who died after he was taken to three different hospitals and a matter of hours is suing those hospitals charging negligence marcella raymond is live at the family's attorney's office with that story >> after two hospitals and a 45 minute ambulance ride to a third hospital the boy died on route to the last hospital his last words were i am tired of reading ... >>he suffered from manageable bronchial asthma on the morning of september 13, 2010 has asthma attack forced his parents to take him to st. james hospital
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in columbia field after two hours he was transferred to st. james hospital another chain hospital with the same level of care he was then transferred by ambulance during rush hour after 45 minutes to st. joseph's in joliet he died on the way. >>i understand ... i just don't know i really don't know ... >>this was not a very serious life-threatening situation this did not have to happen and the emergency room could have handled this ... he was taken by ambulance to the joliet st. joseph's hospital and nurse said that his condition was not stable at st. james in
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chicago hospital indicated when he departed it said he was wheezing and he had diminished breathing capability in new book suggests that the 1982 tylenol poisonings happened during production or distribution those poisonings' killed seven people in the chicago area the book titled the tylenol mafia was written by a former employee of johnson and johnson the maker of tylenol author scott bartz also said that company executives and federal agencies steered that investigation in the wrong direction to avoid liability no one was ever charged with those killings johnson and johnson said that those theories have no merit. if former chicago commodities trader who has been presumed dead since 1986 is expected to plead guilty today to identify fraud charges 72 year-old arthur
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jones was found alive working as a bookie in las vegas police say that jones admitted he purchased a fake driver's license birth certificate and social security card before he left chicago in 1979 he disappeared when gambling debts caught up with him leaving his wife and three children he is expected to plead guilty in a plea deal to avoid more serious charges. former governor rod blagojevich's will have to wait a little bit longer to hear his sentence on corruption charges he was supposed to be sentenced on october 6th but it has been postponed there was no reason cited by judges is james zagel has another case on the docket which happens to be the trial of william selene who was a fund-raiser for the former governor rod blagojevich was found guilty of 18 counts of corruption in two different trials to align their is a longer school day for six chicago public schools today the
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school's acting against the chicago teachers union judy wang is at the disney to magnet school on the city's northwest side with more >>for students here at this magnet school that meant getting up earlier this morning students at the disney to magnet school began earlier and they leave later some of them are worried about getting more homework but parents applaud the change >>chicago public schools of the shortest school day of the nation's 10 largest cities the mayor pledged during his campaign to change that vowing to extend the school day by 90 minutes but he's been at odds with the teachers' union over this ... teachers at 13 schools designed to go against the union signing waivers to agree to the locker day in exchange for incentives and bonuses the union blasted the cps for
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bypassing the collective bargaining process saying it was unfair in tactics and ignored complaints >>i saw a great difference last year with my daughter on an extended school day and i think she will thrive and prosper even more so no matter how much more time we give i am happy with these teachers are doing are showing us the way to work out all these wrinkles so far teachers at three schools have voted no to the longer school day the other schools voting to extend the school day will begin in october or january still ahead at noon an amazing story of survival six weeks after the deadly indiana state
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was carried out by an afghan employee at an annex of the u.s. embassy in kabul. an embassy spokesman says that the gunman was also killed in that incident and the motive is still under investigation. that aniks is a place where embassy personnel both live and work some intelligence operations. there has been no comment from the cia about that attack. new
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york's police commissioner is warning terrorists to stay away from his city ... an interview with 60 minutes ray kelly said the net nypd is prepared for any sort of attack and could even shoot down an airplane if need be new york has been boosting its anti-terrorism defenses and now has radiation detectors around the city a $150 million surveillance system and a helicopter that can fly up to three dozen feet ray kelly said that his department has uncovered over a dozen attack plans since 9/112010 closing arguments have ended it in the appeal case of an american college student accused of killing her roommate in italy. amanda knox of seattle and her italian border and were convicted of killing meredith kercher her of england into a dozen seven. prosecutors say that the couple and a drifter from africa killed meredith kercher touring a drug induced
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sex game gone wrong. there were convicted based on dna evidence found at the crime scene but defense experts said that that evidence was tainted and unreliable >>american hikers josh fattal and shane bauer are back in the united states in talking bluntly about their treatment and an iranian prison josh fattal and shane bauer were held for more than two years in the iran there were arrested while hiking in the mountains near the iraq border and accused of spying for the ad states the men say they were roughed up in prison guards beat them and even push them down a flight of stairs >>and said the case against them was a total sham: >>the only reason why were held hostage was because we were americans ... >>we were completely innocent there is no evidence >>shane bauer and his former hiking made sarah shourd got engaged after his release josh
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fattal will the shane bauer is best man the men still do not know who put up that $1 million bail releasing them >>the united nations security council is set to take up the issue of palestinian statehood this afternoon last friday palestinian president mahmoud abbas asked the united nations to recognize an independent state of palestine. but israel said that the move is premature without addressing the longstanding security concerns and since the united states has promised to veto the palestinian statehood move today's security council debate should be largely symbolic. with the government set to run out of money at the end of this week the united states senate is expected to vote but today on a bill to keep the federal government running through november 18th. the republican controlled house approved a funding bill last thursday but the house measure was blocked in the senate where
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democrats hold a majority the senate is expected to take up its own version of the bill today the senate bill includes funding for disaster relief without offsetting spending cuts demanded by house republicans a woman was badly injured when a stage collapsed at the indiana state fair has beaten the odds 30 year-old andrea blanca woke up from a coma this weekend for weeks she could not open her eyes to breathe on her round family members say that she's making a remarkable recovery she suffered a crushed skull collapsed lung and three broken vertebrae when the stage collapsed last month before a sugarland concert seven people died in the accident douses were injured we're excited to learn more today that the extent of the damage the washington monument sustained during the summers earthquake on august 23rd of 5.8 magnitude earthquake rattled the east coast the mortar of the monument cracked and at least four places the money men also took on lots of water in the
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wake of hurricane irene it has been close to the public since then national park service officials will hold a news conference today to outline those repairs and how much it will cost to fix the monument the prices at one college bake sale will depend on your gender and your race ... it is a controversial bake sale advertised on facebook these of the prices set by the campus republicans at the university of california at berkeley all items will be sold to white people for $2 but people of different races payless and all women get a 25¢ discount the steering group said it wanted to get people upset about legislation that would like universities consider race when selecting students coming up the new place that meursault superbugs are now showing up in hospitals and she is running in the eighth congressional district but tammy duckworth is
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here's a look at today's business headlines. news corp. the owner of fox news and the wall street journal ... reports that the federal government is looking into the ficompany's marketing practices ... in the meantime macy's is going on a hiring spree taking on 78,000 temporary workers nationwide for the holiday season the positions
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will be for call centers distribution centers and the bloomingdale illinois location you can apply via the internet on the macy's website banks have been raising monthly service fees on average they are up $1 over last year the one silver lining is that consumers are able to get out of paying checking account fees if they have direct deposit arrangements and chicago remains the lowest for atm fees in the country >>gold is trading under 1600 an ounce right now investors are dumping gold to raise cash ... we're looking know where the markets stand the doubt is
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gaining 100 points at this hour there is optimism today partly because european officials are working hard to try to come up with a grand plan to pay off struggling banks in europe ... still ahead: y a billboard is going up in wisconsin, warning about the dangers of cheese. plus a big accusation against a major carmaker general motors is accused of invading privacy with its on star service and if you are looking for a job wgn is sponsoring the naacp professional and executive diversity job fair you can come to the lakeview terrace at navy pier thursday september 27th from 10 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.
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not covered. i'm bonnie and this is my cvs. the former illinois director of veterans affairs is on a new mission right now to finish the chicago marathon ... sean lewis is back from an early-morning trading session with tammy duckworth he is live in the newsroom ... >>@ tammy duckworth as we know lost both of her legs and partial use of her right hand when the chopper that she was piloting was shot down an iraq seven years ago ... this will be her third chicago marathon using a hand crank bike and like most
12:26 pm
training for the marathon, it happens rain or shine ... tammy duckworth and i spoke this morning in the rain and she continued her training in the northwest suburbs. the chicago marathon 26.2 mi. a something that she tells me she would never done before being injured but now uses it as a motivation for other wounded veterans when she was recovering from her injuries at walter reed army medical center in 2004-2005 doctors told her that the goal was to get her in better shape than she was in before she lost her legs at that time she did not think it would happen but now she sees a benefit to keeping active in bringing other veterans like yourself to take on the challenge of the chicago marathon on october 9th ... >>a one keep everyone motivated to keep going one more day
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>>tammy duckworth is also using this third marathon to help raise money for her current run for congress in illinois newly crafted 8th district next year is her second campaign she lost the first congressional did it in 2006 >>so how long is that rainy weather expected to stick around? we will have tom this one works. ooh, the price sure doesn't. i'm tired of shopping around. [ sigh ] too bad you're not buying car insurance. like that's easy. oh, it is. progressive direct showed me their rates and the rates of their competitors. i saved hundreds when switching. we could use hundreds. yeah. wake up and smell the savings. out there with a better way. now, that's progressive.
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all systems prepare to engage. captain, unidentified object -- detergent chamber. that's a cascade complete pac. the best of cascade powder and gel combined in one vessel. brilliant. we're gonna need it. lasagna pan lower rack! fire! [ female announcer ] conquer tough foods and greasy messes. [ mom ] wow! [ crew ] yeah!!! [ female announcer ] cascade complete pacs. love it or your money back. tom skilling we had incredible rain storms over the weekend replete with waterspouts and a whole thing ...
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this will be with us through the middle of the week and one of the most interesting aspects where those waterspouts we saw this weekend and many people responded with incredible pictures ... this was sent in by frank angelleri ... anne rogers capture the same waterspout from a different perspective ... many off milwaukee were quite vigorous ... and all of those autumn leaves are being pelted by the heavy rain and we have a flood situation developing in the western suburbs ... we have an ominous looking sky it has been pouring in those western
12:31 pm
suburbs ... it is day four for this cut off low stream ... the air aloft is exceedingly cool ... the air below it is heated by the lakefront ... this can cause some rotation and waterspouts ... we have a few more days to go but here's a good feel of where it is raining heaviest ... the city is avoiding this but the heavy rain and thunder is happening to the west ... dekalb county boone
12:32 pm
county winnebago county lee county all of these people had been getting rain for hours and it is adding up on the ground ... and rockford is seeing lots of heavy rain huntley wheaton st. charles midway and o'hare all have one-4 in. to rein depending where you are we have multi day rain totals ... 2 in. or more in most
12:33 pm
places. 54 degrees at o'hare 55 degrees at midway ... we're seeing some sunbreaks in the southern suburbs ... but it's very wet in geneva at this hour. there's a solid waiver of rain coming back into the chicago area by nightfall around 1030 this evening and the early morning forecast still has showers rotating through the area ... expect some thunder. we have over 2 in. of additional rainfall expected in some areas to the west
12:34 pm
there is a flood warning that has been issued near dekalb county southwestern mchenry county 7 boone county lee county the flood waters are rising it is actually warmer in thunder bay ontario and places like winnipeg up in canada than it is here in the united states midwest. you will not see whether system like this very often we have sustained winds ... we have
12:35 pm
some gusts going 30 mi. per hour out and dekalb along with that rain pouring down ... the water temperature on lake michigan as 66 degrees. we have moderate values of pollen in the air today it has been a rough season for the allergy sufferers out there we have a chance of showers and thunderstorms continuing heavily in the western suburbs the high temperature to there will be 63 degrees southeast winds at 10-20 mi. per hour tonight shares with some embedded thunderstorms the low temperatures will be in the fifties tonight is 90 percent humidity ... we will have more
12:36 pm
downpours tomorrow with 64 degrees of high temperature finally by thursday we will see the rain let up but a cold front will come and chilling us a for the weekend but we are expecting a warm-up next week ... there is some warm weather left in this late summer or early fall. time for today's trivia question: the secret service refers to the two first daughter's pass what?as
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balanced attack in that rematch of that the nfc championship
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game but they failed to do so against the green bay packers at soldier field. green bay was up one touchdown in the second. and aaron rodgers hit jermichael finley in the end zone he had a career high three touchdowns the bears' running game stalled ... only nine carries and 13 rushing yards ... jay cutler had two touchdowns but was picked off with interceptions twice the special teams managed a trick play on a punt return for a touchdown but it was called back due to a holding penalty ... the bears lost 27-17 and they fall to one and two in their record so far >>we lose two games or not patting each other on the back we are disappointed in our play
12:40 pm
offense was a big part of that defense could be better ... the white sox and the orioles on the south side: scoreless in the fourth inning when alex rios chased down a fly ball, and slammed right into the wall ... he left the game with some dizziness but should be ok. gavin floyd had a no-hitter until the sixth inning but jared it dyson doubled in two runs the white sox lost 2-1 and they are now guaranteed a losing record. meanwhile the cubs trying to play spoiler in st. louis ... it was tied in the eighth inning with randy wells still pitching and he gave up the game-winning home run to rafael for callfurcal.... the cubs lost three-to the
12:41 pm
cardinals are now a game behind atlanta in the wild card ... that's a look at sports now we have your live illinois lottery drawing ... >>here are the winning pick three numbers: 7 9 5 here are the winning pick four numbers: 9 4 4 3
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in medical watch ... experts say the two types of therapy at the same time can benefit breast cancer patients the double therapy is known as synchronous immigration it involves treating patients with radiation and chemotherapy at the same time
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rather than separately after breast cancer surgery researchers report synchronous treatment can save lives because limited side effects and does not harm the patient's quality of life. breast cancer kills about 4265000 women worldwide each year researchers have identified another place where the meursault super bug may be lurking on hospital privacy curtains university of iowa researchers swabbed 43 curtain stress a week at hospitals in their area they found traces of bacteria that causes a staph infections including the antibiotic resistant meursault bacteria as well as a form of stomach bacteria experts say that the best way to prevent infection is for doctors to wash hands eating fish has a positive affect on your blood pressure and cholesterol level that according to researchers in
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sweden they say that people who eat fish a few times each week are slightly less likely to suffer a stroke than those who only eat up a little or none at all omega three fatty acids vitamin d and selenium and fish they also have struck related benefits eating three extra servings of fish each week was led to a 6% drop in stroke risk researchers say that fatty fish such as salmon and herring are especially high and omega 3 ... a group of plastic surgeons is taking action after a string of botched surgery is performed by non certified doctors in most states and the medical doctor can legally perform cosmetic surgery even if they're not approved by the american society of plastic surgeons that has resulted in her fine medical accidents including a woman who received breast implants the were merged together require additional surgery the launched a new public safety campaign that they hope will alert people to the importance
12:47 pm
of checking out dr. credentials several senators have raised concerns that general motors is invading the privacy of americans with its on star service the company recently announced that the cars with munster gps technology will be tracked by satellite even if the services cancelled customers now have to specifically are scared of the tracking program new york senator chuck schumer join two other senators yesterday calling for general motors to abandon the policy is asking the federal trade commission to investigate >>for gasoline prices have dropped 12¢ over the last two weeks but prices remain 85¢ higher than one year ago the average price of a gallon of self-service regular is now $3.54 according to the lundberg survey it is time for lunch break we're
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nutrition and health lifestyle ... it joins us with some healthy food and snack ideas and enhance your children's lunches ... we want the kids to eat healthfully and eat everything we give them and we want everything to be safe you have great ideas for lunch boxes ...
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for breakfast i'd take some of my favorite jar tomato sauce with some organic cheese or vegetables and you can pop this in the toaster oven and packed this up and sounded off with your kid in that lunch box and these are some lunchbox notes you can put in the kids' lunch box ...
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i habe a cohd. yeah, i toog nyguil
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bud i'm stild stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't un-stuff your nose. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ] thank you! that's the cold truth! obama have which secret service code names? the answer is radiance and rosebud. we certainly have lots of rain in the area right now certainly in the western suburbs where the river levels are rising and
12:58 pm
rockford is seeing some flood warnings ... this steady rain will be circling back into the chicago downtown area but this evening and scattered showers will stay with us through wednesday into thursday and then we will be greeted with a cold front coming from the west ... we're looking at this arc of qualitestclouds coming from the northwest cool air is developing to our north and it will be reaching our area by the end of this week ... i don't remember a
12:59 pm
system that has lasted and carried out so persistently hanging over our area ... here is the good news there seems to be some warm air trying to get in and so early next week we will seek a bit of a warm spell that will stay with us for a few days ... watch the windy conditions later this week ... we will be in the mid-60s and will drop a little bit to the low sixties for the weekend it thank you tom skilling and thank you for joining us today ... we hope you have a great afternoon remember we're back here at 5 and again at 9 have a w
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